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by - June 17, 2020

Honestly, I never thought I'd have the opportunity to work with a hair care brand, especially as muslim who wears the hijab! so I was very excited when @CelMD_Beauty reached out to me for a review of their hair  care products. So let's get into it !!

Cel is an American hair care and skin care brand! They have recently launched in the UK and were kind enough to ask me for a review of their hair products ahead of their launch [check out my instagram post for this here!]

The products they kindly sent were;
Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner
Microstem Hair thickening mask
Microstem Hair stimulation serum

Typically when it comes to shampoo, I'm not too fussed as long it gets the dirt out of my hair/scalp and does NOT contain any harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulphate - which is exactly what this shampoo provides. 

Now, the conditioner is where all my attention goes! conditioner adds the much needed moisture in your hair and then seals it!! A quick tip from me is to focus your conditioner towards the ends of your hair strands because that is the oldest part of your hair, needs that love and moisture to protect it from damage and breakage!!

Both the shampoo and conditioner work so nicely together, gave my hair such a beautiful shine, lots of moisture and smoothness. Both products are great for strengthening and protecting hair from day to day damage and promote new hair growth!

Also they provided actual pumps separately in the box for the shampoo & conditioner which makes it easy to pump out the products for daily use but then you can switch back to the lid, perfect for travel. 

This mask was honestly amazing! From the first use I noticed my hair was so much less frizzier and felt so much more hydrated and my curls we defined! I have curly hair and this mask definitely has helped to tame my curls. If you have dry/damaged hair, I would definitely recommend this mask to you ! Same as the conditioner, I concentrate the mask on the ends of my hair but still making sure every hair strand is covered!

This is supposedly really good for hair loss and promoting new hair growth. I've been using it around my hair line since mine is thin [cry face] - I have not been using this as consistently as I should, so I feel I can't give a full a review just yet but so far it's really nice and it is oil based so feels very moisturising on the scalp.  it comes with a precision applicator so you can focus the serum directly to your scalp and simply message it! I actually realised I don't massage my scalp enough and I have been told its important to do that every now and then to help hair growth!!

I will be using this consistently moving forward. I shall be back with an update for you guys :) 

I have to say, Cel have some brilliant hair care product! They implement the use of scientifically enhanced natural  ingredients and plant extracts in their products to promote healthy hair! Also not forgetting to mention that all their products are suitable for ALL hair types! Many times I've looked at products that sounded great but were not suitable for my hair. So, it's exciting to see a brand be inclusive to all hair types! So yes to my fellow blacks girl, they are definitely black girl friendly!!

Thank you so much @CelMd_Beauty - find all their products and more on their website here 

You can find them on instagram here!

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