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by - December 21, 2018

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all doing so well! today I'm back with another post but something very different for my blog! I'm going to be sharing a review on a new restaurant that has officially opened in Coventry called The Botanist

They invited me down as part of the @CovBloggers group to try out their menu and experience the venue ahead of their official opening, which was on the 26th of November and again a week later due to unfortunate problems with our meals the first time we went. 

Quick review

Venue/Atomosphere: 11/10 
Drinks: 9/10
Food: 6/10
service 4/10

I have to say the restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful. Walking in, my first reaction was 'WOW!' The vibe of the restaurant was a 'secret garden' inspired dining and cocktails space  - expect to see lots of greenery, wood, flowers, small bridges with streams of water underneath and everything you can imagine for a botanical theme! Every corner is beautifully eye-catching and very picturesque!

The bar area was great! I was able to sit down before ordering, choose my drink and watch it being made in front of me. The bar staff were really nice and friendly, loved the service.  I liked how they offered alcohol-free cocktails for those who don't drink alcohol like myself or for just anyone who's not looking to drink alcohol on that day. 

The first cocktail I tried was the Botanist Lemonade. Tasted really nice, however, was not sweet enough for me personally. The other bloggers who got the same really enjoyed it though! For my second cocktail, I had the 'Berry good times' alcohol-free cocktail, now this one tasted so GOOD ! would definitely get this again... and again. One thing I have to say is, I would love for the alcohol-free cocktails to be extended with more options!


Everything on the menu sounded so tasty and delicious. However, because they do not offer halal meat, I was only limited to vegetarian/vegan options.  Saying that I think they did have a decent number of options for vegetable/vegan dishes on their full menu. 

The first time went, they were serving a roast menu only for the pre-opening service to everyone. I opted for the Nut roast which was the only non-meat option on that menu. The food was unfortunately served to us cold which was disappointing. However, they quickly apologised sincerely and served us all new plates with hot food. The nut roast tasted good and vegetables were cooked nicely. 

On the second night we were invited down, we were able to see the whole menu which was exciting. I opted for the falafel burger served with seasoned chips. I absolutely love falafel so I was really excited to try it here. when my food arrived, the presentation was lovely! I did enjoy my burger! the falafel definitely wasn't the best I've had but it was still a nice burger overall. However, I most likely would not get this burger again. I LOVED the chips! I'm not sure what they did to make it taste so nice but I really liked it!

For dessert, I had the baked chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla ice-cream. Tasted amazing! The cookie dough was reaaaallly sweet, but the ice-cream helped to balance the sweetness, wish there was more of it though!


Overall, The place itself will leave you mesmerised and charmed ! the cocktails were great, would love to see more options for those who don't drink alcohol. Lastly, the food was good/ok but I have to stress that I was only limited to vegetarian/vegan options so unfortunately, I cannot comment on the meat dishes which some sounded really good! I would 100% recommend this place for the atmosphere, music and drinks !!

Check out their full menu  ⇥ Here ⇤

Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you been to the botanist before? 

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