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by - July 17, 2020

Anyone else absolutely shocked by how much weight they’ve put on in the last few months?! Lockdown really got me eating like I've never saw seen food before and baking like I own a damn cake shop! 

So now I’m sadly doing damage control and trying to watch my portions and do home workouts on a daily basis [PRAY FOR ME!] Thinking of trying intermittent fasting x

speaking of watching my calories, Let me share with you guys an amazing brand called @skinnyfoodsco, they create amazing sauces, syrups, chocolates spreads, etc that are ZERO CALORIES, SUGAR-FREE AND FAT-FREE!! yes, you read that right! They kindly offered me 3 syrups and 1 sauce to try out 💞

Products I received:

Salted caramel 

Toasted marshmallow 

Unicorn flavour 

Mayo sauce 

I was very excited to receive these products as I was very intrigued by the brand! They were amazing with communication, kept me updated and received my parcel in no time! 

Salted caramel

Has to be my favourite! I have always loved salted caramel and now that I can have it guilt-free is a MAJOR bonus. I have been enjoying this syrup on my pancakes and mixed into my whipped Dologna coffee [which I have been obsessed with thanks to tiktok..] Honestly, the taste is amazing and will be getting more when I run out! 

Toasted marshmallow 

Toasted marshmallow is the one I was most looking forward to trying out because of the name! I mean doesn’t toasted marshmallow just make you feel so good! I have to say I was just a little bit underwhelmed by the taste but I think I was literally expecting ACTUAL toasted marshmallow to be squeezed out from the bottle! Overall I would say it was a 6/10 as the taste was nice but wouldn’t be a first choice of syrup I would reach for! However, I’ve seen so many people, including fave bloggers rave about this one 🤍

Unicorn flavour 

 Don’t think I’ve EVER seen a syrup looks so pretty! A lovely purple colour with edible glitter/shimmer in the syrup made it all as special as the name would suggest. I did really like this one! It was definitely something different and tasted really nice and sweet! Planning on having this with a fruit bowl next time.  Overall I’d give this one an 8/10 

One thing I want to mention is that the syrups are more of watery consistency than your typical syrup! So it literally squirts out of the bottle so you have to be prepared... 

Garlic Mayo

And lastly, we have the garlic mayo! I really had high hopes for this one too but turned out to be my least favourite [soo sad]- ONLY because I just love the taste of really garlicy mayo! and this one had a sweet taste as well which I wasn’t a fan off! Otherwise, it was a nice sauce tbh i will be finishing off the bottle but wont purchasing it myself  - I think maybe without the sweet taste I might have enjoyed it more.  So it's really just down to personal preference! will have to give it an overall 5/10

Thank you so much @skinnyfoodco for the opportunity to try out your products. I love what the company stands for and how much effort they've put in creating so many products suitable for people including, vegan, diary free, diabetic friendly products etc ! I know i will purchasing so much more stuff from from 🎔

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