Oodles Chinese Coventry | Launch event !

by - August 03, 2019

Is there is anything better than a good Chinese? Yes... A HALAL ONE!!

I thought I would write this blog post to share with you guys an amazing new Chinese shop that has opened in the city of Coventry!  Friday 7th of June I had the opportunity to attend the launch day of @Oodles_Chinese with the lovely girls from the @CovBloggers!

I honestly was not prepared to enjoy the food as much as I did! Don't get me wrong I do like eating Chinese food but I've been to a fair few places that tasted very mediocre or I was only limited to the vegetarian/vegan options on the menu. So it's really nice have a Chinese food in Coventry, that's not only halal but absolutely delicious! I am already planning my next visit xx

Myself and the girls from the @CovBloggers had such a good time at the launch event, catching up, seeing new faces and enjoying good food. We also provided with some tasty starters, see the pictures below! 

I had a medium box of spicy fries, egg fried rice and crispy chicken. ABSOLUTELY delicious! The boxes come in small, medium or large. The spicy fries were the best! never had  fries like that before and it was so delicious - literally craving it right now! the chicken was so flavorful and the egg fried rice was cooked nicely. I cannot wait to try out more of their options on the menu. 

I would 100% recommend trying @Oodles_Chinese! I think I've made my case on how great the food was but the staff were also so friendly.  To end our experience we were given the cutest dessert pots [provided by .... For the launch event] which were SO tasty! The mango was definitely my favourite!

Thank you @Oodles_Chinese for having me and to the @CovBloggers :) 

Check out their  -WEBSITE
and their  -INSTAGRAM- 

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