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by - March 06, 2019

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all doing well! I'm so excited to bring you this post because I had such a wonderful experience at this place! I had the pleasure of being invited down to the @LauraAshleyTheTeaRoom to try out their brand new VEGAN afternoon tea menu (Arranged with the @CreativeBloggersConnected).

 I was so excited to go down as I've never tried afternoon tea before! I took my little sister down with me since she was off school for half-term and she was just as excited to go!

⇥ ♥ Location ♥ ⇤

The Laura Ashley Tea  Room is located within the Chace Hotel Coventry, London Road. A stunning hotel with the most elegant architecture and interior. They also have a beautiful garden space, a perfect photography location I have to say!

⇥ ♥ The Tea Room ♥ ⇤

Walking in, you will find the whole vibe of the room to be very elegant, luxurious and classy! SO aesthetically pleasing and Instagramable. The room, in fact, features beautiful pieces from the Laura Ashley's Home furnishing and accessories ranges! I love the colour palette they chose to go for! hues of green and teal ♥ - I honestly want to decorate my future dining room in the same taste. They also had calming tranquil music playing in the background - which was a really nice touch to complete the room.

  ⇥ ♥ The Vegan Afternoon Tea ♥ ⇤

Right after we chose our table and got ourselves sorted, we were asked if we'd like some tea to get started with, which was unlimited! They had so many lovely choices on their menu but I ended up trying both the Jasmine Pearls and Red Berry & hibiscus flower tea. They were both really nice but the Red Berry & Hibiscus was definitely my kind of cup of tea! loved it. 

The food experience started off with lovely tomato soup, very tasty and light. I loved how they served it. Next, the afternoon tea stand was brought out. Started off with the sandwiches, which were absolutely delicious! They were; Hummus and roasted vegetable, Tomato and shallot chutney and cucumber and apple dill. The only thing missing was the avocado and lime crostini which I was so excited to try. Hopefully, I'll try it the next time I go! My favourite was definitely the roasted veg and  Hummus (SO TASTY!). I do wish the sandwiches were cut a bit neater but it's really nothing because I enjoyed them all overall regardless!

Moving on, I LOVE scones, and the ones they served did not disappoint! They were absolutely delicious, on their own or spread with jam! 

The mini cakes tasted just as good as they looked! I had the double chocolate cake, mini vegan cheesecake, Walnut cake and mini sponge cake spread with jam in between. I can't lie I really enjoyed them all. However, the mini cheesecake very hard to bite into - but still delicious! The food was presented very delightfully and looked very appealing to the eyes.

⇥ ♥ The Service ♥ ⇤

 I was very pleased and impressed with the service they offered. The staff were all very friendly, professional and well spoken. Everything served was explained to us before eating.

 Even afterwards, when we were waiting downstairs for my dad to pick us up, we were asked if we needed a drink or anything whilst waiting. 

I am so excited to go back soon and relive the wonderful experience. I really want to thank @LaurAshleyTheTeaRoom for inviting me down to try out their vegan afternoon tea! And Also to the @CreativeBloggersConnected for connecting me with them!

Follow the link below to book a table at your nearest Laua Ashley Tea room!

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Do you like afternoon tea? let me know! x

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