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by - March 14, 2019

Hello my lovelies ! 

A few months back I was sent a wonderful box full of skincare goodies from a  brand known as @BitsAndBobsOfBeauty! They are a skincare brand, bringing us the best of Korean skincare product

The products they chose to send to me all looked and sounded amazing, I was so excited to start using them! It took me such a long time to give all the products a fair try! I needed space in between using each product to give a fair review and to see the results on my skin! Some of these I loved so much and will definitely be a permanent part of my skincare routine!!

Benton BHA Aloe Toner 

The first item I'm going to speak about happens to be one of my favourites from what I was sent!! The Benton Aloe BHA contains some amazing ingredients that benefit your skin greatly! The BHA helps to remove dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation. The aloe vera provides a soothing and hydrating boost to the skin. The most interesting ingredient in this product is that it contains snail secretion! which I've NEVERR used on my skin before. I heard so many good things about this and the fact it helps to even out skin complexion is exactly what I need because I have a lot of pigmentation on my face.

Truthfully I haven't really used toners properly before and didn't realise how important it is to use a toner in your routine [I do now thanks to this great product!]. Have to say, I will definitely be continuing to use this product because I've noticed such a great difference in the way my skins looks and feels. The pigmentation around my mouth looks much better, which is a big plus! But I still have a long way to go! However, this toner didn't really have any effect on active breakouts I was having, not even in reducing the size or redness.

Also, this toner supposedly helps with the absorption of other skincare products into your skin. Which is why I use it first in my skincare routine and would recommend you do the same! Love how it has made the texture of my skin look and feel so much nicer, it brings back the moisture and soothes my skin. Great for everyday use as well!

 I believe this is a product that you have to use consistently in order to see the best results. I'm definitely happy with how my skin looks so far and I'm happy to continue using this! will keep you guys updated!

Black Paint Rubar

The Black Paint Rubar, a charcoal-infused cleansing stick! I love the packaging idea, you twist it up/down like a lipstick.  I've been using this so much there is not much left! and you get quite a lot in there actually! it's very gentle on the skin but I definitely feel like it gives such a great cleanse and leaves the skin squeaky clean [but non-drying]. I love using this in the morning but lately, I've prefered using it in my nighttime skincare routine.

Very easy to use, simply roll up and activate with water, so begin by rinsing your face first. This product is aimed for getting rid of blackheads, tightening your pores and evening out your skin complexion (what I desperately need!!) -

I found it doesn't get rid of my blackheads completely but they are so much less noticeable than they were before using this!!! I don't use this product all the time, in a week I would probably use it 3-4 times or as and when needed! I think anyone would love and benefit from this product because it is so gentle on your skin but offers a deep cleanse and does NOT leave your skin feeling dry. 

Son and Parks beauty water.

Now this one is hands down my favourite!! The Son and Park beauty water is specifically designed to work as cleansing water, mild exfoliant & toner in one. With willow bark and papaya, it is designed to provide smoother healthier looking skin. 

I apply the beauty water on a cotton pad and rub in circular motions all over my face [to help mildly exfoliate my face]. I do not use this product to initially remove my makeup. Rather, I remove my makeup with Garnier micellar water [my fave to begin my makeup removal process], cleanse my face and then use the beauty water to remove ALL leftover dirt and impurities and as a toner! You will be shocked at how much dirt/makeup and impurities are left behind even AFTER washing your face.

I absolutely love using this product! I love the comfort of knowing that I am removing EVERYTHING off my face before proceeding with my skincare routine. Especially with the fact I wear makeup every time I go out, this product is simply essential! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. I am just so impressed by how powerful it is. 

As for the claims of smoother and healthier skin - personally, I don't agree it leaves your skin feeling smooth. Once I've used the beauty water, my skin just feels dry again [same feeling after washing my face]. This is not me saying the product dries your skin, I just have dry skin anyway.  As for healthier skin, I 100% agree! Because it removes all the impurities leaving a fresh clean base that will reduce getting breakouts and blemishes

definitely keeping this baby in my skin care xx

 A'pieu real big Yoghurt one-bottle mask sheet.

I was also sent 2 A'Pieu Korean sheet masks in two fruit flavours, one apple and one blueberry [they offer 5 flavours in total]. The sheet masks are described as being really great for providing a strengthened skin barrier, firm and healthy hydrated skin. I used the apple mask for myself and gave the other to my sister since she really wanted to try a sheet mask.

 I have to say, I really liked using the mask! my skin felt really smooth and hydrated afterwards. I did not see a MAJOR difference because that would be miracle from just one use but loved how my skin felt after! I would definitly be happy to use it again.

You will have to use masks like these consistently [possibly daily] in order to see the best results.  But if you're simply looking to give your skin a boost this would be great to use every now and then! 

p.s.. how lovely is the packaging idea though!

 Missha Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+ 

I was so intriqued by this product it looked and sounded very interesting! This Waterproof sun milk is really smooth and light to touch. This product is described as a protection for your skin from external irritable factors such as UV rays, Dirt and pollutions - which all sounds brilliant!

I really love how this product makes my skin feel, very smooth! And we should know by now how IMPORTANT SPF is ALL year round. Weirdly, I quite like using sun milk before my foundation... really helps it apply better and looks more flawless. 

HOWEVERRRR...  it gives my skin a really weird purple/blue hue... First time this has happened to me wearing SPF. However, I found out This happens a lot with certain sunscreen products on women of colour.  So basically my skin tone against the mixture of the ingredients in the product causes this to happen! This product is obviously made with Korean people in mind and they have a really fair skin tone so they don't experience this problem.

So just to make you aware, this product is amazing, will make your skin feel so good and protect it... but for those with medium to dark to skin tone... it might also make you look a little less alive...

But honestly, I'm not too fussed about this! and as I said, I would typically apply this under my makeup so it is not an issue for me personally

 Clear fit master patch 

Now, this was a very interesting product that I was really excited to use it. The clear fit master patch (hydrocolloid patch) is designed to be directly applied on top of a breakout or pimple on your face (or body I presume!) to absorb the pimple, fight infection/bacteria and prevent spreading of the pimple. Using this product I did notice a reduction in the size of the spots on my face but a huge difference in redness! which is awesome! However, it does not completely get rid of (or 'absorb') the spots.

Regardless of whether it takes spots away completely or not, what I LOVE about this is that you can apply the patch on top of your spots and then wear makeup on top!! Meaning you won't irritate your breaks out or cause further irritation/damage that could lead to scar/blemish! The patches are very thin so it's perfect. I've come to love this product for exactly just that! I would much rather use this whilst wearing makeup and allow the spot to take its course

So handy and a lifesaver for the days when you really want to wear makeup, for example, to a wedding and a spot appears to say hello! we've all been there sadly!

♥ A'PIEU Peach hand Cream ♥

The peach hand cream is in my bag wherever I go! smells amazing, so peachy and leaves my hands feeling so soft and smooth. Do not neglect your hands ladies! you do everything with them and should be taken care of to reduce early signs of ageing! Especially when it can be prevented. 

It is made with peach extract that is rich in vitamins and mango seed butter! really moisturises your hands, leaving a delicate peachy scent behind! Simply apply whenever needed

Very nutrient, leaves your skin looking smooth and feeling soft. Would I recommend this? Yes! it certainly gets the job done and it's travel size friendly. 


Thank you so much @BitsAndBobsOfBeauty for being such a great brand and sending me these products to review! They were very generous with what they sent and for that, I am grateful! I want to also thank them for being patient with me whilst I gave all the products a fair try. There was nothing that I hated or disliked! I'm sure you can tell which ones are my favourite! 

Purchase these products and many more Korean skincare gems through their website linked below!

Have you tried Korean skincare before? let me know!

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  1. I LOVE Korean beauty so much, especially their skincare! :D Some of these products sound amazing, especially the peach hand cream and the charcoal stick wash! :D

    1. I've started to love Korean skincare so much! you will love the charcoal stick!