A Fashion Post.. Finally!

by - November 12, 2019

Hello lovelies!

So many of you don't know this but I actually started my whole blog because of my love of fashion! More than anything else anyway. I remember the days when I was in secondary school and my favourite  thing to do once I got home was get on the laptop, and catch up on my favourite bloggers! Shirley B. Eniang and Sammi Maria were my tops faves!! I used to be on their blogs religiously wishing I could have their wardrobe!

I took a step back and realised I haven't posted anything to do with fashion for such a long time! So I am definitely ready to bring that vibe back on my blog! Of course I will still continue to do my reviews here and there, I've definitely grown to love sharing lifestyle posts!

Although I wasn't planning to post this so soon, as I wanted to do a proper photoshoot in a cute location. I took these outfit pictures the other day and I thought why not share them on here! So heres's a basic outfit to show what I managed to put together when i was rush to get out the house [Took the photos after i got back]

Outfit details!

The Black denim jacket is from @NewLook. This jacket is really popular and i have seen ALOT of people rocking this same one. Honestly I feel like it fits every season so I'm glad i purchased.. this was ages ago by the way. My White turtle neck top is from @DorothyPerkins. We all need a basic Turtle neck like this tbh.

 Safe to say the skirt is makes this out whole outfit. I got this one from @Primark! Fell in love with it instantly and ended getting this beige colour and one in black! who doesn't love a ribbed skirt. My boots are from @TopShop, I managed to snag them on sale during the summer actually. So comfortable and stylish :) Lastly, my bag is from @Primark. I needed a new everyday bag i can just grab and go but I didn't want to get be safe and get another black one. 

Also got the earrings from primary! you can't see them clearly at all here but they are so cute! I will have to share a closeup of them in another outfit post :)

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