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by - September 02, 2019

Helloo lovelies 

Hoping you’re doing amazing ! Who would have thought little me would be going to an event at Wagamamas?!?! Insane. 

I’m gonna share with you guys the AMAZING food I had at the Wagamama event with the @CovBloggers ! We were invited to try out their new vegan menu focusing on their vegan starters and desserts!  So excited and I hope you enjoy reading this. 

Wagamama is one of my favourite places to go if I’m being honest. When I go there I know I’m gonna enjoy what I eat ! Although I’m only limited to the veg/vegan options - Wagamama is still so good and they serve such a great variety that is suitable for everyone! 

So to begin with they had us taste some ginger and turmeric kombucha... which I did not like ! I get it has benefits and all behind it but safe to say I won’t be trying that again. Not a fan. 

Luckily I also got the peach iced tea! probably the best peach iced tea you’ll have to be honest!

Following that we were served some vegan starters/appetisers which I was so excited for as it was part of their new menu. We had salted Edamame, bang bang cauliflower and Hirata steamed buns filled with mixed mushroom and panko aubergine. 

The edamame was nice ! Absolutely failed trying it for the first time as I was basically chewing the skin ... yeah don’t judge. 

Bang Bang Cauliflower
Now The bang bang cauliflower was just sublime !! Absolutely LOVED it. Tastiest cauliflower I’ve EVER had. It was coated in the delicous firecracker sauce, So it is a little bit spicy but great for me. The next time you go Wagamama definitely try this, you won’t regret it. 

We got to try the amazing Hirata steamed buns! Hand down my favourite and I’m definitely going back to have it again. So tasty and beautifully cooked. I’ve never had Hirata steamed buns before and it really is everything!! We had it filled with mixed mushroom & panko aubergine as part of trying the vegan menu. However they do actually offer more fillings including Korean barbecue beef, seasoned crispy chicken etc so there’s really something for everyone. 

Hirata Steamed Bun Filled with Mixed Mushrooms and Panko Aubergine

The Avant Gard'n

Lastly (for starters), we were served their NEW vegan Kokoro bowl named The Avant Gard’n, made in collaboration with Gaz Oakley. This is composed of delicious barbecue glazed seitan, sriracha vegan “egg”, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus over brown rice. honestly I really liked this dish! The barbecue seitan was the best part for me but everything together tasted great. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the vegan “egg” - the texture and taste (more so after taste) I did not like. The rice was also really nice and well made. I would recommend the dish to be honest because I did really enjoy everything else ! The other girls did like the vegan egg so it’s just down to personal taste really ! 

The Avant Gard'n

After trying the amazing starters and The Avant Gard’n, we all chose our mains - I of course went for my FAVOURITE which is the Yasai  Katsu Curry! with extra sweet potato and curry sauce. If you don’t know about this dish you are definitely missing out !! Absolutely enjoyed it. 10/10 would recommend. Craving this now damn it. 

Yasai Katsu Curry

Deserts !! They didn’t let us go without satisfying us with sweet sweet desserts. As often as I’ve gone to Wagamama I’ve never actually had dessert there, so I was definitely excited. 

We got to try out the NEW Matcha and Mango layer cake which looked so pretty tasted so luscious! There was a weird after taste though for me personally but I did enjoy the cake as a whole. Can we appreciate how pretty it looks aswell!

Matcha and Mango Layer Cake

Also tried two of their  NEW VEGAN ice creams. The vegan strawberry + yuzu ice cream, which was sweet, refreshing and tasty. The vegan chocolate and orange blossom was heavenly and greatly combines tasty flavours. 

Strawberry and Yuzu Ice Cream
Biggest thank you to Wagamamas for having me! trying out their new delicious vegan options was fab!! this is such a big plus for me as it means I have more options to try out. The staff were absolutely amazing and so friendly. They didn't let us go without giving us a lovely goody bag which is always so nice. Again, thank you ! 

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  1. You can never go wrong with vegan Japanese food! :D

    It all looks so yummy. :P