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by - September 18, 2019

@Phizzical Production written by Shahid Iqbal Khan and directed by Samir Bhamra
 Hello Lovelies!

I got the amazing chance to go down to the @BelgradeTheatre in Coventry to watch the Stardust production! Honestly I was excited from the moment I was asked to go down. I've been to the Belgrade theatre many times with both family and friends! Even on school trips back in the day and watching my little sister perform at the @BelgradeTheater which was amazing. So, as you can imagine I was very pleased to get an invite to come down on their press night and watch Stardust!

I was expecting to watch a fun and exciting musical, full of dancing and amazing songs enchanted by Bollywood ballads. But rather [alongside all of that!!] we were shown a dark side in this story, referencing toxic masculinity and struggles of the LGBTQ people.

Stardust is a beautiful musical performance about an ambitious young south Asian boy [Amar; played by Robby Khela] who wants to conquer the world of singing, or as they put it, become the 'Whitney Houston of Bollywood!' He has the looks,  the slick moves and of course an amazing voice! His story takes us through an emotional journey of  romance, struggle, violation and triumph. 

At the core of the plot is a captivating 'Forbidden' 'secret' love story between Amar and his boyfriend [Seth; Played by Aizaac Sidhu] of 4 years. Bringing to light the harsh reality of same-sex relationships, focusing on the south asian community.  His path to  stardom is driven even further by is tenacious mother  [Sheila; played by Natalia Roni] who wants her son to be the biggest star! 

We see how his mothers' hard work [A total momager] leads him into the hands of a talent manager [Delante; Played by Amanda Clapham] to make his dreams a reality. This leads to introducing Amar to a renowned musicians, Cyrus Singhania [Christoph Dorocant], who claims to help Amar reach all his dreams and more. Amar believed this was his 'golden ticket' to his ultimate rise to stardom! But chillingly discovers the true intentions and the gripping secret Cyrus has carried with him for years. 

We are carried through the theme of reincarnation, where we see Amar being stalked by a Mysterious female [Amor; played by Sophie Kandola]. Only he can see  her and she doesn't appear on any cameras! The story of this mysterious female that emerges only to Amar pieces the story together towards the end! 

Robby Khela [Amar] played his central role so well, he is an amazing talented actor AND singer! He was so good I forgot I was watching someone acting for a second. This is likewise for the rest of the cast to be honest. Every single cast member performed so well, I was so impressed. The choreography was amazing from start to finish! The casting was diverse and full of multitalented people  

I was particularly impressed by one of the dancers, @TiannaJewiss, she was simply incredible. Powerful vocals from Harriet Mullen and Aizaac Sidhu also! I was starring at the female who played the role of the talent manager, knowing she was familiar but couldn't grasp from where until the end. She was @AmandaClapham who had a big role in Hollyoaks as Holly Cunningham! I loved her!

The transitions from one scene to the next were done so quickly and smoothly. Loved the clever use of furniture to show a change of environment/location i.e office, therapy room. 

I have to say I really enjoyed the Stardust production! The musical started with an absolute BANG! with spectacular dancing and singing from the get-go. I liked that there wasn't a slow start, straight into the storyline and characters became familiar as we went along.  I loved that they added hilarious jokes in there too that were received very well by the audience! My attention was captured from the start, I was happy, sad, laughing and thrilled throughout. 

Stardust will be at the @BelgradeTheatre in Coventry until this Saturday 21st September so don't miss out!

A @Phizzical Production written by Shahid Iqbal Khan and directed by Samir Bhamra

Photo Credit: Hitz Rao

Not sponsored - Gifted tickets for a honest review.

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