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by - September 21, 2019


They say learning a new language is the easiest when you are a child! And @LittleMaysoor makes that learning more fun and beneficial with their amazing bilingual Arabic and English learning books and toys! 

They were kind enough to send a generous package with a few of  their products to review. I have a 5 year old brother who started going to Arabic school, so I knew these books were going to be perfect for him and I was definitely right!

@LittleMaysoor is a family run business that specialises in creating Arabic learning books and resources for Muslim children. Their products are appropriate for English speakers learning Arabic or vice versa. Not only that, but their books are designed with a lot of educational aspects both life and Islamic teachings. 

They will serve as way of helping children learn and improve their Arabic [or English] but also teach children valuable and beneficial life lessons that all children should be learning. Their products are made with such good quality and they do not look cheap, very well designed and looked professionally made.

Products I received:
 This is a ... Arabic transliteration
Colour Me happy [colouring book]
I am better than him

This is a... English-Arabic transliteration book

This book is brilliant! Especially for younger children. Combines both the element of written words as well as pictures to re-inforce learning. For example, when going through this book with a child who can't read [or is learning to read] you can point at the pictures and say what they are verbally and introduce learning a language that way! My little brother absolutely adores this book. This is honestly perfect for really young children. All the pictures are bright and colourful!

Colour Me Happy [Colouring Book]

Now this is definitely my brothers' favourite book! They also kindly gifted colouring pencils to go with the book. Not only is it a colouring book but it implements language learning through various activities to do as you colour! My little brother loves colouring! I mean he used to colour all over my uni books when he was younger... So this is pretty much great for him because he learns and does what he loves at the same time!

I Am Better than him.

This one is my personal favourite! It's a wonderful storybook all about Maryams' journey into learning how judging people before getting to know them is not right. Teaches young readers the importance of not judging others based on what they look like! This is a bilingual story book written in both English and Arabic. I  really enjoyed reading this to my little brother both in english at first and then in Arabic! I would definitely recommend simply because of the lesson behind it for young children. 


This is another story book that they kindly sent. As you've guessed by the title, the story follows zakriyyah in learning forgiveness and how to resolve himself when feeling angry, especially towards other people.   Teaches the beauty of forgiving others and remaining kind. Another great lesson that we should be teaching and showing children from very early on! Honestly I loved this book, also written in both English and Arabic!

I would 100% recommend you check out @LittleMaysoor! These are the types of books I would have loved as a learning child myself. Books that are fun but also teach vital lessons at the core are very important to me and it's what children need! I would love to see @LittleMaysoor venture into the online world and create apps for young muslim children!

Since using these books my brother has grown in so much confidence with his Arabic reading skills. He loves taking all of them to Arabic school with him ! He feels so proud when reading the Arabic parts in book! Can't wait till he can read the entire storybooks in Arabic. 

Thank you so much @LittleMaysoor for sending those wonderful books! May Allah reward you with all success and recognition you deserve for creating such a wonderful company for the muslim market. 

Links below for their:

Instagram: @LittleMaysoor

**Gifted for review**

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