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by - September 12, 2019

Hello Lovelies!

Here to share my lovely experience at the @StarbucksCovBroadgate event I went to! It was really good and I left feeling like I knew something about coffee which was cool! Honestly I never thought I'd be going to an event at Starbucks, so it is definitely an experience I will remember!

Starbucks Coffee

Upon arrival we got to choose our own drink off the menu. I got to try the Cookies and Cream Frappe! I wanted to go for something other than the usual caramel frappe that I get [that I love so much]. The Cookies and Cream Frappe was really delicious! ⁣⁣⁣would recommend! 

The lovely Starbucks team laid a beautiful table for us,  Spread with different treats that  compliment different coffees. This was also done to get us all to take on coffee tasting!!

I’ve never done coffee tasting before so it was exciting ! We were talked though/showed the ‘etiquette’ of coffee tasting which was interesting! ⁣⁣⁣

We tried 3 different types of coffees and were encouraged to challenge our taste buds and see if we could pick up a specific taste in each coffee. I won't lie I was pretty bad at picking up the different tastes, Just tasted different degrees of bitterness...But i have to say, that was all fun and it was nice seeing everyone’s reactions/thoughts on each coffee and pairing each food with the coffee! 

⁣⁣⁣ Starbucks Vegan Menu!

When I do go into Starbucks usually I just grab a quick takeaway drink [my lovely caramel frappe] and go. So I was definitely excited to see what they had to offer on their Lunch Menu! they do have to some lovely options suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, as well as some meat options too! 

They offer a range of Sandwiches [See link here], two types of salads [Chicken Salad | Vegan Roasted vegetable Salad] two wraps [Chicken wrap | Vegan Beetroot ] and the Vegan Mac and Cheese! Looking at the menu I gravitated towards the Vegan Mac or the tuna melt panini because I've never tried either of those [I am shocked too]

I chose to go with the tuna melt panini, it was really good! Got me wondering why I’ve never had a tuna melt before! Will definitely be getting this again! I also got a bite of the Vegan Mac  [Thanks Emily aha] which tasted really good to be honest! I definitely want to go back and have it for myself!

Latte Art
Once we finished stuffing our faces, we got to watch some latte art being done! which was really cool! Finally got an insight into how it's done but let me tell you it ain’t easy! might give it a go at home but a already know i'll be making frogs instead of beautiful swans... 

I got to leave the event with a really nice matcha latte, which I am now SO obsessed with!! We also got to leave the event with a really nice personalised goodie bag! love it. 

I love how the @StarbucksCovBroadgate team but so much thought and effort into the event, made everything so much better. Very much appreciated.  The team were so lovely and friendly. Thank you so much @StarbucksCovBroadgate for having us ! Also the staff were extremely friendly and made the experience great. And thank you @CovBloggers @TheEmilyChapters 


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