Escape Reality || Did We Escape?

by - May 18, 2019

Hello lovelies! 

I hope you're all doing great! I haven't been as consistent with putting out blog posts as much as I wanted but life just happens sometimes! Not only that but I also decided to take a break/detox from social media and blogging. I think it's really healthy for everyone to do that every now and then for your own mental health! 

And also, it’s Ramadan!!! Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim followers/readers! Due to fasting for such long hours during the day [sunrise to sunset] I've been trying to take it easy and not overdo things. Fasting is slowly starting to get easier now so I can back to doing things as usual! 

CovBloggers summer party! 
Honestly, I am SO excited to share this blog post with you guys because it's something that I've really wanted to do since I heard it existed, to be honest! I had the amazing opportunity to visit the @EscapeReality_Coventry with the @CovBloggers girls for a summer party! I was counting down the days until the event was going to happen if I'm being honest aha :) 
Escape Realty Coventry 
Escape Reality is basically an 'escape game' where you and your group of friends have to try and escape the room your locked in by finding clues, looking out for hints and solving a series of puzzles and riddles! We had to escape within 60minutes to win or otherwise be classed as a fail. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff, who were super friendly! We were offered drinks before starting, which was a lovely opportunity to catch-up with the girls. Soon after, we were split into two teams of 3! Myself, Aliyah [@Aliyah_zz.Makeup] and Gemma [@Just_Gem_Blog] were put together to have a go at escaping the "JUNGALA" room 

The theme behind the JUNGALA room is based around a mysterious old board game found in an attic, that once played... transports the players into an alternative realm! From where they have to complete the game to escape and get back to reality! Sounds so cool, doesn’t it? 

I won’t say too much about the room because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone! Once the rules were explained in detailed, we were taken into the room, I felt like I stepped into a game or a movie set – the set up was so cool! What I will say is prepare to be surprised, spooked! needing a flashlight...  and maybe a few things making you JUMP!! Don’t worry though nothing terrifying because this room is actually suitable for children! Interestingly we were told that children do so much better in this room compared to adults. So, to think like a child was tactic we were advised to do! 

Did We Escape?? 
Wow! the escape was definitely intense! lots of frustrations, confusion but I honestly loved every moment! It's crazy how it gets your adrenaline going and your mind becomes super observant to all your surroundings! I think our team did so good! Every time we solved a puzzle, found a clue or unlocked something we were SO ecstatic! The feeling of putting 2 and 2 together and solving something makes you feel so capable and brainy- felt like a true detective! Aaliyah and Gemma were honestly the perfect team members! so smart! 

We did manage to escape the room! …. but unfortunately, because it took us over 60 minutes and sadly that doesn’t class as an escape! But we were only over by 5 minutes! So we were honestly so proud of how well we did! 

I cannot wait to visit @EscapeReality_Coventry again very soon and I'm so determined to escape in under 60 minutes!  So happy that we have something like this in Coventry! They offer various game rooms, each with a special theme and varying difficulty levels.  I Definitely want to try 'Down the rabbit hole' room next! 

Gather your best friends and head down to your nearest Escape Reality! honestly, it's an amazing experience you won't regret. You and your friends will have so much fun! You can find your nearest Escape Reality through their website,  I've linked below along with their Instagram! 

Thank you so much @EscapeReality_Coventry for having the @CovBloggers. I think I can speak for everyone by saying we had such a great time!
Tell me, have you done an escape room game before? Did you escape? Regardless let me know your thoughts on this post and games such as this! 

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