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by - March 19, 2019

I had the pleasure of being invited to the @EsquiresCoffeeCoventry shop to try out their brand new menu with my with fellow @CovBloggers. I've been to the Esquires Coffee shop before and honestly, it's such a lovely cafe! I love the cool/rustic vibe of the place. 

[The bicycle wheels holds pictures of the staff that work at Esquires]

As they are neighbours with the Coventry Transport Museum, they cleverly added posters that showcased pictures and facts about cars, bikes, motorbikes etc around the cafe, along with an actual bike hung up on the wall! [loved it!]. That really helped to create an easy flow between the transport museum and the cafe. Which I thought was brilliant. Also, you'll find lots of greenery thoughtfully placed around the shop. 

The Food!

 I started off with ordering a great cup of caramel latte, which was so tasty and lovely to enjoy whilst waiting for the food to arrive and catch up with the girls! Not only did it taste really good, but the coffee that they serve is also fair trade and ethically sourced!

I ended up trying both the vegan full English and the falafel sandwich! I could not decide between those two because they both sounded really nice so I thought why not have both!? 

Esquires full vegan

The vegan full English was so nice! On my plate, I had; smashed avocado, two mushrooms & Tarragon sausages, roast tomato, field mushroom, beans, hash and toast! I enjoyed everything that was on the plate apart from the from mushrooms but not that is only because of I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms! Was my first time trying vegan tarragon sausages and honestly they were so delicious! very well made! This filling breakfast would definitely be a great way to start the day! 

I really appreciate that they have vegan full English! Although I'm not vegan myself, I wouldn't have been able to try the normal full English [for religious dietary requirement; halal meat] which they do offer on their menu by the way!! It's important to cater to the growing number of people who choose to have vegan/vegetarian food only, which is always amazing. 

The Falafel sandwich

Growing up, I pretty much lived on eating falafel! it's one of my absolute favourite foods! we would eat it with a savoury breakfast, as a side during dinner or in a wrap with Lebanese bread for a quick bite during the day or packed lunch! so it was safe to say I was so excited to try the Esquires version. 

Truthfully... the falafel sandwich did not disappoint!!! it was soo good! The falafel was served in a malted rustic bread, spread with hummus and with spinach. Along with a side of salad and ready salted chips. From the first bite, I just loved it! Only thing I want to say is I would have preferred it with a softer bread. But, regardless I really enjoyed it! Will I be buying this again? definitely. 

Honestly, I had the best time being surrounded by such beautiful, positive and supportive women, enjoying the great food made by @thom_adkins and Adam. I really appreciate all those girls and their kindness! 

The meal was gifted in return for a review of their new menu. ALL opinions are MY OWN and I haven't been asked/paid to say anything at all. Only to come down and enjoy the food and service, which I really did. 

Just want to say thank you so much @EsquiresCoffeeCoventry for having me! already looking forward to going back real soon!

To find your nearest Esquires Coffee/further info, click for;
[AD- Gifted Experience]

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  1. The dishes you picked that evening looked amazing! :D I love how they have a vegan breakfast on offer as I feel like it's such a perfect place to go for breakfast that they NEED a vegan breakfast in there now! :D

    I'm craving the eggs royale I had now. xD