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♥الحمد لله♥

Hello, my lovelies, I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! So excited to share these products from Safar London (@Safar_London on Instagram) with you guys. They were very kind to send me one of their amazing Black A5 Embossed notebook and also a gorgeous metallic black Tasbih Bracelet♥

Embossed Black A5 Notebook

I have to say I'm so OBSESSED with the notebook! the style, colour and feel of the notebook is simply 
b e a u t i f u l ♥ 
The cover is made from PU faux leather,  looks and feels so very luxurious. The top centre of the front cover is embossed with the words Alhamdulillah in English and Arabic (meaning thank god) which adds an extra special touch, a beautiful Islamic reminder that we should always be thankful to God. The notebook also has a slot in the spine for a pen, a very useful feature most notebooks do not have! The pages inside the book are made from tree-free paper, making it an eco-friendly notebook ♥

33 bead Tasbih Bracelet

The Gorgeous grey metallic tasbih bracelet is handmade with love, feels very luxurious and expensive. what makes this braclet spacial is that it is made with 33 beads which can be used for the remembrance of allah(Dhikir).

Making it not only a beautiful accessory but something that makes you feel closer god ♥ The idea of a Tasbih in a bracelet form is very delightful!

click here get your Tasbih bracelet  ♥

@Safar_London 's aesthetic is a very minimalistic, grey and black palette! Their products are not exclusive to one gender, they are very suitable and appropriate for both males and females.

Their quality and service is highly impressive !! I would highly recommend them! Honestly, when I opened my package, it smelled like heaven! They had scented papers inside, including one wedged in the middle of the notebook! ♥♥♥ It's small thoughtful things like this that put a smile on a persons face!so thank you @Safar_London

gifts, gifts, gifts! Yes - these would absolutely make beautiful gifts for the loved ones in your life. Check out their website to see the other gift varieties they offer! ♥

or a gift from you, to you 😊

♥Click → here ← to be taken directly to their website

♥Click → here ← to be taken directly to their Instagram

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